miercuri, septembrie 8

the greatness

it's just me, alone, in this stupid place, no company at all... it's just me, trying to save what's at the surface. it's just this (this is a lie. there's another place too). but it's barren. here and there. because everything is barren and worthless and nothing. because there are no more words.
words used to flow freely, no need for encouragement. it's great, now, that i've lost all inspiration! just because i'm left with my own thoughts, alone in this grey world with no living thing, well fuck it! it's just great, how i can't seem to find anything of worth anymore. not reasons, there are reasons. but... anything worth fighting for. anything that would compensate the emptiness (that's bullshit, there wouldn't be emptiness if i had anything).
it's hard not to write, although there's nothing i could say. i think i'll just have to bathe in the greatness for a while...

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