luni, octombrie 4


As vrea sa ma trezesc dintr-un vis, un vis lung de tot, si sa povestesc rusinata: "Sa facea ca am trait un an intreg de acum inainte... in care am fost nebuna. (...)". Sa realizez ca sunt inca in octombrie 2009 si ca ma pot feri de soarta asta, s-o iau pe un alt drum, sau sa-mi dau seama ca nu este chiar niciun pericol. Dar acum... Octombrie 2009 suna a lume de vis pentru mine.

duminică, octombrie 3

i wish, i wish, i wish

but i don't believe in wishes, not even in superstitions anymore. i can't believe the falling stars, i can't believe the airplanes. i doubt they'll grant me a wish even if they'd fall.

but i still press my 888 every day. i still grab a puff from the air if i see one (too late now). i still hope that leaf which has fallen in my cleavage could have carried a meaning. i still think that if i see an airplane flying over the image of the moon, it means i'll be happy the way i want to be.